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Stand-Alone vs. Duct-Tied Air Purifiers

Stand-Alone vs. Duct-Tied Air Purifiers
When it comes to improving indoor air quality, we are faced with a choice between a stand-alone air purifier and a duct-tied system. Understanding the differences between stand-alone and duct-tied air purifiers is essential for making an informed decision about which one is right for your needs.
Stand-alone air purifiers, as the name suggests, are independent units that can be placed in any room. They work tirelessly to clean the air in that specific space, regardless of whether your central HVAC system is running or not. This autonomy ensures continuous air purification and provides clean air where it's needed most—where people spend their time.
On the other hand, duct-tied air purifiers are integrated into your HVAC system, typically inside the ductwork. These systems rely on your central air handler's blower being on in order to work. In other words, if your central air handler is not running, your in-duct air purifier won't be able to filter the air. This limitation means that your air purification is contingent on the HVAC system's operation, which may not align with your specific indoor air quality needs. Furthermore, the HVAC system's blower draws a lot of power, on the order of 600 watts, which can significantly increase your electricity costs. And what's worse is that the need for the blower to be on all or most of the time circulates air though the ducts much more often, and since ducts tend to be located in the unconditioned attic (very hot in the summer and cold in the winter), a lot of the home's heating and cooling is lost through the walls of the ducts. This increases the need for heating and cooling in your home, pushing up costs even more.
Cutting a duct-tied system into your home's HVAC system can also disrupt the carefully balanced airflows and pressures in the system, leading to comfort problems.
Stand-alone air purifiers can provide more focused air purification. By placing them strategically in the rooms where people spend the most time, you can ensure that the air in those spaces is consistently clean. This approach can be more efficient at delivering clean air directly to the occupants rather than relying on the ducts to distribute it.
Moreover, it's essential to recognize that the air in a room is not isolated from the air within the ducts. The central HVAC system is a powerful means of air circulation throughout your entire home. When you use a stand-alone air purifier in one room, it can effectively clean the air within that space. However, the benefits of this localized air purification extend beyond that room. As the clean air is cycled back into the HVAC system, it gets distributed throughout the house, gradually improving the overall air quality. So, in a sense, a well-placed stand-alone air purifier can become an asset for the entire home, thanks to the central HVAC system's ability to circulate and distribute the purified air.
Ultimately, the goal of using an air purifier is to improve the indoor air quality for the people living in your home, not just the property itself. Stand-alone air purifiers excel in this regard because they target the air where it matters most—where people work, sleep, and relax. This personalization allows for a more comfortable and healthier living environment, especially for those with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues.
In contrast, duct-tied air purifiers may improve the overall air quality of the house to some degree, but they may not provide the same level of comfort and well-being for the occupants in specific rooms. This can be especially important in bedrooms, home offices, and other areas where individuals spend a significant portion of their day.
At Elemental Air Systems, we have thoroughly explored creating a duct-tied air purifier. However, based on the reasons above, we have decided not to make one since we feel a stand-alone system is much more effective, efficient, and better for our customers.


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