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Your Aspen air purifier comes with a basic two (2) year limited warranty from the date of purchase.  The basic warranty can be upgraded to a ten (10) year limited warranty at no charge by subscribing to replacement air filters at the following web address within the basic 2 year warranty period.

You can also obtain the 10 year warranty by subscribing to air filters at the time of purchase of the Aspen unit.  The warranty will apply for up to ten (10) years as long as you are subscribed to replacement air filters.  Cancellation of your air filter subscription will result in termination of the warranty.  If your payment method is declined, you will have up to 2 months from the scheduled payment date in order to provide a valid payment method for the replacement filter subscription.  Failure to do so will result in termination of the warranty without the option to renew it later.  Proof of purchase must be available in order for the warranty period to start at the purchase date, otherwise the warranty period is from the date of manufacture.  This warranty applies to units purchased from Elemental Air Systems and is only valid for the original purchaser of the unit (non-transferrable).


Elemental Air Systems will repair or replace, at its discretion, the unit or part of the unit covered by this limited warranty that fails under normal use as a result of a defect in material or workmanship with a comparable unit or part.  Unit must be returned in its original packaging.  If the original packaging is not available, it can be purchased from Elemental Air Systems.  Customer is responsible for shipping charges to Elemental Air Systems, and Elemental Air Systems will pay the shipping charges back to customer.  Units or parts that are replaced become property of Elemental Air Systems.  The warranty on replaced parts or units expires at the same time as the warranty on the original unit.  Filters are consumables and are not covered under this warranty.


Any products you wish to send to Elemental Air Systems for repair or replacement must be accompanied by a Return Authorization Number (RA Number).  The RA Number must be visible on all external packaging.  Contact Elemental Air Systems for an RA Number and shipping instructions.  Elemental Air Systems reserves the right to refuse any shipment without a RA Number and to return the unit at the original sender’s cost. 


This limited warranty is void if:

  • Unit is misused, modified, or abused. 
  • Unit is plugged into a power supply other than what is specified on unit and/or Owner’s Manual.
  • Filters other than those made by Elemental Air Systems and designed specifically for unit are used.
  • Unit is not returned in original packaging.
  • Unit is shipped outside the country of purchase.


Why does the filter subscription give me a longer warranty?

We can offer a longer warranty with a filter subscription because regularly changing the air filters will increase the lifespan of the fan.  If the unit's filters are very dirty and are not changed with the filters designed for it, not enough air will get to the fan.  If the fan doesn't get enough air, it will spin faster in the partial vacuum and not be able to cool itself sufficiently.  This could lead to a shortened lifespan.  So in order to offer a 10 year warranty, we need to make sure the filters are changed on schedule.  The filter subscription makes it possible for you to have automatic filter deliveries, save money on filters, and have a longer lasting air purifier.


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